CD-Bundle: Métamorphoses & Fantasies & Fine Lines


This strictly limited Edition (50 bundles) includes the following content:

1. CD "Métamorphoses"
2. CD "Fantasies & Fine Lines"
3. signed photograph
4. stickers

(Let me know, if you want me to sign it / write any comment etc.)

TRACKLIST "Métamorphoses"

1. Métamorphoses (by June Cocó)
2. Ready For Love (by Jake Nicks)
3. Letter (by Max Ashner)
4. Hope (by Phonique)
5. Neptune's Daughter (by Arden)
6. Circles (by Micronaut)
7. Heavy Heart (by Ravages)
8. Paradise (by Phonique x Fairplay)

Release: March 12, 2021 (Flashback Records)

Info "Métamorphoses":

The title couldn’t be more fitting: June Cocó, the remarkable singer, songwriter and piano player from the German city of Leipzig, has recorded her new album and describing it as a cover album or a re-work collection would be doing it a grave injustice. Instead, it is a collection of eight extraordinary song metamorphoses.

The album “Métamorphoses” started with a song of the same name, written by the French duo, Ravages. June covered it, sent them a recording – and they were so impressed that they returned the favour by transforming her “Heavy Heart” into an electro pop song.
Inspired by the experience, June Cocó cast out her net and asked a number of artists to “transform” songs off her current album, “Fantasies & Fine Lines”.
And so, on “Métamorphoses“, her songs, that often remind listeners of Kate Bush and Florence Welch, present themselves as soulful songwriter ballads by Jake Nicks and Max Ashner, performed by Arden on the harp, or as coolly beautiful electro tracks, courtesy of Micronaut or techno producer Phonique from Berlin, that, suddenly, would not be out of place in a nightclub.
There is no denying that there is something that connects all of these songs. An invisible web of “fantasies” and “fine lines”, June’s songwriting skills and the creative power of a number of brilliant musicians that ensure, that this is not the umpteenth cover album, but a collection of “Metamorphoses”.

TRACKLIST "Fantasies & Fine Lines"

1. Paradise
2. Letter
3. Neptune's Daughter
4. Circles
5. Hope
6. Ready For Love
7. Reprise
8. To You
9. Heroine
10. Heavy Heart

Release: 29.11.2019 (Flashback Records)


Her album, “Fantasies & Fine Lines“, although very much centred around June Cocó’s amazing, multifacetted voice and her piano-playing, is a minimalist microcosm of rich emotions, from confident femininity to femme fatale. Underpinned by carefully placed touches of electronica, pure innocence meets a serene and worldly-wise attitude, adorable naiveté meets sweeping gestures. The ten laid-back songs on the album are true anthems of the slow movement. You can sink into them and soak them up like a hot bath, indulging in the gentle sensation of weightlessness. June Cocó’s songs defy categorisation and, this may be the biggest compliment a song can receive, are simply timeless.

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