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1. Superpower
2. Hovering Clouds
3. Manekineko
4. The Spark
5. Solid Ground
6. Crazy
7. Kill Her
8. Lay Your Dreams Beside Me
9. Summer Rhapsody
10. Common Sense

Release: April 28 th, 2023 (Flashback Records/Motor)


What superpowers are really at work within us? Apart from going higher, faster, and further that is. The very special superpower possessed by the singer-songwriter, artist and producer June Cocó is certainly to charge people with her music. Tom comfort them and make them want to dance at the same time. With piano-based pop music which she combines with electronica, echoes, beats and wandering thoughts to create a multi-layered, pulsating sound. On her third album, "Infinity Mode", a dreamlike drifting sensation meets uptempo bliss. A complex and at the same time highly catchy work that can best be compared to the happy style mixtures one associates with Florence Welch. It all emerged from a deeply personal process: June Cocó did not avoid painful subjects, but faces them head-on. Where true super powers come from and come together to create a fulfilled life. To redefine relationships, to let go of what is no longer loved, to overcome boundaries, to find new courage, and to trust in the flow. Out of the drama mode and into "Infinty Mode". Her new songs vibrate with that dynamic. A superpower empowerment carried by the presence of pop. By this magnificent and infinite superpower of music.